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Anthology: Year Two: Inner Demons Out

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Last week I spent a fun filled weekend hanging out with creative people, attending readings and panels, and networking at AnthoCon in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

Here I am reading a portion of my story “The Interloper,” which appears in the annual AnthoCon anthology-Anthology: Year Two: Inner Demons Out.

“From the minds of guests of ANTHOLOGY (AnthoCon), Northern New England’s only Multi Genre Literature and Arts Convention, comes a compendium of imaginative prose, poetry, and arts.”

Featuring Works From…

Meghan Arcuri, T.G. Arsenault, Michael Bailey, David Bernstein, Tracy L. Carbone, Scott Christian Carr, Victorya Chase, Robert Davies, Mandy DeGeit, Timothy P. Flynn, John Goodrich, Scott T. Goudsward, Marianne Halbert, Stacey Longo, Kevin Lucia, Bracken MacLeod, Michaelle Mixell, G. Elmer Munson, Holly Newstein, David North-Martino, Errick A. Nunnally, Craig D.B. Patton, Susan Scofield, B.E Scully, Julie Stipes, Andrew Wolter, K. Allen Wood, Richard Wright, Candace Yost, T.T. Zuma



Blog Post Mention for Cellar Door Authors

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Greg Norris mentioned me in his blog post, along with some other amazing writers.  

“Rounding out the Table of Contents are such luminous authors as Tracy L Carbone, J Daniel Stone, K Trap Jones, and David North-Martino.”

I joined Friends of the Dead.

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I joined Friends of the Dead at Books of the Dead Press. James Roy Daley was kind enough to do a fantastic writeup on my debut novel. 

Check it out here: Books of the Dead Press/Wolves of Vengeance 

Books of the Dead Press is known Bracken MacLeod’s stunning debut Mountain Home, New York Times Best Selling author Tim Lebbon’s Berserk, the late, great Gary Brander’s Howling Trilogy, Tonia Brown’s Badass Zombie Road Trip, and Best New Zombie Tales, edited by award-winning author and martial arts badass,  Jonathan Maberry. 

Prisoners Trailer 2013

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Prisoners (2013) looks like it’s going to explore similar themes as my short story “Malfeasance.” You can find “Malfeasance” in Epitaphs: The Journal of the New England Horror Writers.

My story was inspired by The Dershowitz Protocol, and Alan Dershowitz’s “ticking time bomb scenario.”

How Art Made The World: More Human Than Human

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This video inspired my story, “Stone Butterfly,” now appearing in the Cellar Door anthology.

Cellar Door

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My Story, “Stone Butterfly,” is included in this anthology of short fiction, poetry, photography, and art by 50 amazing contributors. 

Cellar Door

David’s Bio & Bibliography

Wolves of Vengeance

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There are creatures in this world born of vengeance, tempered in blood, with a lust for killing, and an insatiable appetite for death. They have come through a rift that bridges the earth with the underworld. And now that they are here, they will kill anyone who tries to send them back.

A reformed drug addict and criminal, a high school bad girl all grown up, a detective with a troubled past, an occultist turned martial artist, and a female Special Forces soldier will band together and risk everything to stop them. On holy ground they will make their final stand, but before the night is over these unholy creatures will drag two of them to hell.


My novel is out! Buy the Kindle edition of Wolves of Vengeance at Amazon for only $2.99!