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2010 Goals Accomplished…Now onto 2011

2010 Goals Accomplished …Now onto 2011

Another year is over. Did you make the most of it? What did you accomplish? I bet you accomplished more than you think you did. Throughout the year I keep track of everything I’m doing, everything I’m accomplishing. Then at the end of the year I post a list of many of my greatest accomplishments and even some of my smaller ones. To keep myself honest, at the end of the year, I post the list for you to see. Just knowing that I have to share my list publicly keeps me on track.


Education (UMASS)

Microsoft Office—Grade: A

Art Appreciation—Grade: A

Human Ecology—Grade: A-

Economics I (microeconomics)—C+. Not a bad grade considering that when you learn online you pretty much teach yourself.

Applied for and received loans

Bought Office 2007 and Office for Mac 2008 and installed them.

Visited Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design 2x


Continued editing novel based on professional critique.

Called Ray Garton to discuss his professional critique of my novel.

Used to research short story markets and keep up with the needs of publishers.

Donated to

Paid Horror Writer’s Association (HWA) dues

Wrote synopsis for a nonfiction book I’m planning on writing

Read writing instructional e-book Write Good or Die

Researched e-book indie-publishing

Submitted short stories to 14 fiction markets

Joined Book club/writing group

Wrote 3 short stories this year.

Attended Tracy Carbone’s signing at Barnes & Noble

Sold Kindle 2’s so we could buy Kindle 3’s

Joined to backup my writing files.

Martial Arts

Celebrated 23 years of martial arts training

Taught private lessons in Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate).

Promoted 2 students to yellow belt and one student to orange belt.

Became a certified instructor/official branch school under GM Rhee to provide my students with official certificates.

Trained at my old Moo Duk Kwan school on days that I visited my parents.

Assisted teaching a little dragon’s TKD class.

Trained with my friend M. Phil in TKD/TSD and he instructed me in some Hapkido.

Relearned Pyung Ahn  hung and Bassai (M. Phil critiqued forms and gave me a tune-up).

Analyzed and researched the Pyung Ahn hung (Kata) and basic one-step sparring

Compared and contrasted TSD hung and BBT kata

Read Shotokan’s Secret

Continued martial arts notebook

Learned Naihanchi Cho Dan and Began learning Naihanchi Ye Dan.

Ordered uniforms for students

Researched locations for a school location

Bought a new white uniform for myself

Bought martial arts shoes


Began reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Went to dental appointments

Made eye doctor appointments for next year

Lost 5 lbs then maintained weight.

Continued alkalizing and energizing

PNM Books

Continued selling books and other items as an Amazon seller


Had cars inspected

Completed all regular maintenance

Had Patty’s windshield replaced

Upgraded TomTom GPS to XXL (sold my old TomTom One to do this)


Held quarterly family financial meetings

Continued Leveraging taxes to a tax preparer

Checked into refinancing our auto loans but the price was comparable.

I’m not going to list other financial but we were pretty much on track for the year.


Celebrated 15 years of marriage and 17 years since first date

Celebrated our birthdays

Called Mom, Dad and Sister once per week

Had dinner ate in-laws for birthdays

Attended Patty’s work party at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick RI and watched a murder mystery play/interactive event

Had snapshot turned into an 8×7 portrait for in-laws

Befriended family on Facebook

Visited and met my Grand Niece Liberty Mae and visited with my sister-in-law and my two nieces in CT.

Dinner at Wright’s Chicken farm with in-laws

Visited with my Mom, Dad and Bro at Foxwoods for Mother’s Day

Practiced martial arts with family

Went to breakfast with Mom, Dad, and Sis

Promoted Patty to Yellow Belt (9th kyu)

Sent packages to Niece who is in Kosovo.

Keep in contact with nephew who was in Afghanistan in the service.

Contacted my Aunt.

Began regular visits with my parents over the summer.

Went to Foxwoods for Parents 40th Anniversary

Went to Foxwoods to see parents at Christmas. Watched Legends show.


Had our friends Michelle and Jim over the house.

Reconnected with my old friend Marcus

Trained with my friend M. Phil (Also trained with old friend M. Dennis and new friend Dr. Dave and a whole host of new friends)

Connected with my friend Ed at KISS concert

Hung out with my friends Chuck, Susan, and Dan in Salem

Reconnected with a high school classmate at Foxwoods

Connected with friends on Facebook


Went to see Jersey Boys at CPAC

Attended Frankie Valli concert at Mohegan Sun

Went to Mohegan Sun for gaming

Went to see KISS at the Comcast Center

Watched local Memorial Day Fireworks

Saw Inception: The IMAX Experience

Rejoined Red Sox Nation

Joined the Archaeology, Astronautics & SETI Research Association.

Joined Netflix again

Upgraded Cable

Upgraded Blackberry’s to Bold


Went to Salem MA 3x (Psychic, House of 7, Ghost Tour, Beer Works, Rockefellers)

Trip to America’s Stonehenge in Salem NH. Had a great meal at Margareta’s, stayed in an executive suite overnight with whirlpool bath.


Completed spring-cleaning

Completed all house upkeep

Replaced dish Washer

Replaced garbage disposal

Cleaned garage

Installed new CO2 detectors

Installed new bathroom faucet

Had furnace serviced

Charity/Community Service

On track with charity giving

Voted in all elections


Continued using the Anthony Robbins Rapid Planning Method (RPM). I’ve been using this planning system since sometime in 2001.

Added a magic moments tab to monthly goal file.

That’s all for 2010…now onto 2011!