Decade in Review

Decade in Review

Here’s a list of some of my most memorable accomplishments and challenges of the decade. I didn’t start keeping a detailed list until 2006 so I’m sure I’m missing stuff that happened earlier. Soon I’ll list everything I accomplished in 2009.


Promoted to Human Resources Recruiter and increased my income by 5K.

Bought 2000 Ford Contour SE.

Vacationed in New Orleans.


Bought Townhouse

Bought 2001 Chevy Impalla  (Patty)


Became a shareholder when I bought stock for the first time.


Received award for outstanding service to company

Downsized from Pinkerton when they sold to Securitas (one of the best things that ever happened from me).


Began working as a recruiter for BVS and increased income by $2,500.

Placed 1st story at the Swamp e-zine.

Earned a certificate in Effective Personal Leadership from Leadership Management International USA, Inc.


Downsized from BVS as they reduced staff for buyout (Another best thing that ever happened to me).

Completed half a certificate in human resources management but abandoned the goal once I decided to work toward a BLA.


Sold first paid short story to Dark Recesses Press by winning the $500.00 Déjà vu Horror Contest

Completed 1st draft of second Novel in 4 months

Became an Amazon Seller

Enrolled at UMASS, Lowell and began work toward a BLA with concentrations in English and psychology.

Attended The New England Writer’s Convention (NECON)

Flew cross-country to attend BSG convention in California

Joined New England Horror Writers

Made affiliate status in the Horror Writer’s Association

Accepted into advanced Bujinkan Budo/Ninpo Taijutsu class.

Internationally certified and recognized as a black belt level karate instructor.

Internationally certified and recognized as a Tang Soo Do black belt.

Joined the Martial Art’s Teacher’s Association


Sold short story “Graven Image” to Afterburn SF

Bought 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited

Bought 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited (Patty)

Traveled to Ohio to train in To-Shin Do at the Stephen K Hayes Fall Martial Arts Fall Festival

Invited into Master’s program at UMASS


Had the first 100 pages of my novel critiqued by a former Tor editor

Had shoulder fixed by Barry at Muscular Solutions after a martial arts injury

Inducted into Gamma Delta the UMASS, Lowell chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society.

Traveled to Ohio to train at the SKH Fall Festival


Completed my first novel

Won ebay auction to have horror grandmaster Ray Garton critique my novel

Entered the Leisure Books Fresh Blood Novel Contest

Had two short stories shortlisted for inclusion in two different anthologies

Celebrated 22 years in the martial arts

Celebrated 10 years of Bujinkan Budo/Ninpo Taijutsu training

Began teaching private martial arts lessons

Continued teaching my wife martial arts (but changed the focus to a karate style curriculum).

Officially founded North-Martino Martial Arts

Was laid-up with a kidney stone

Had floors installed in house

Made major progress remodeling living room and dining room


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