Double Impact Seminar!

Over the weekend I attended the Double Impact Jeet Kune Do /Filipino Martial Arts Seminar. On Saturday, Sifu Kevin Seaman gave a master class on applying JKD concepts for boxing, Muay Thai, and self-protection. Then on Sunday, Guro Raffi Derderian gave a master class on advanced Kali and Silat (Indonesian) techniques and principles. An amazing weekend of martial arts was had by all! Great times with great people! 


Beat ‘Em & Treat ‘EM!

Last night I traveled to Coach Jeff Burger’s K.I.C.K. Karate in Salem, MA to attend Chris LaCava’s Beat ‘Em & Treat ‘Em Tour (Martial and Medical Seminars) 2023. Chris covered tips and tricks of filipino sword and knife. All the concepts and techniques came from Stockton Multi-Style Escrima. This was a comprehensive and enjoyable seminar. I got a lot of value out of the teachings. It was great training with Chris again.I think I last saw him on the 2017 tour. and it’s always great partnering with Coach Jeff burger. Highly recommended!

Old School Martial Arts…? But Why?

Had a great conversation about martial arts with host Dominick Izzo on Them’s Fightin’ Words! Podcast We talk traditional vs. modern and even express our love of martial arts cinema. This is an episode you don’t want to miss! While you’re at it, subscribe to his channel!

Year in Review: 2022

Each year I create a list of goals for every area of my life. Throughout the year I work my goals, track my progress, and commit to posting my top accomplishments. I hope to inspire others to do the same.


Short Stories

  • My story, “The Midnight Club,” appeared in The Horror Zine’s Book of Werewolf Stories published by HorrorBound Press. I shared pages with Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Kilpatrik, JG Fraherty and other great writers.
  • Received hard copies of the anthology.
  • Received audio book on Audible.

Magic Moment: Review from Heather Miller:

…The Horror Zine’s Book of Werewolf Stories brings together twenty-five shirt-ripping, teeth-baring, guttural-snarling stories from names big and small. The collection includes tales written from both the victim’s and the wolf’s perspective. There are werewolves who are bloodthirsty monsters and those who try their hardest to retain some sense of humanity. There are stories which question whether their characters are werewolves at all or men suffering from psychiatric delusions. There are wolves at war, wolves at sea, wolves in the woods and wolves in the city. A few stories which stood out to me:

“The Change” by Ramsey Campbell – a psychological horror in which a writer becomes obsessed with – and then paranoid about – the strangers who gather just beyond his window in the blue glow of a bus stop lamp, and regresses to a primitive form of himself in his distress.

“Savages” by Trish Wilson – a feral child is found and held for observation, until the wolves who raised him come back for what’s theirs.

“The Midnight Club” by David North-Martino – a serial killer who lives for the thrill of the hunt gets what’s coming to him when his prey turns to predator.

“Origin of the Species” by JG Faherty – easily my favorite story in the whole collection, this one gives us a fascinating origin story for the werewolf race.

With an introduction by Stephen Graham Jones and a foreword by WD Gagliani, this anthology of moonlight metamorphosis is a great addition to any horror lover’s library, and a much-needed tome on a worthy but oft-overlooked horror character.

  • Writer’s of the Future Honorable Mention 2nd Quarter 2022.
  • Submitted to 11 markets.
  • Wrote 1 new short story this year.
    • Received my certificate for The L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest Semi-Finalist for Expiation, 3rd Quarter 2021.


  • Sent out novel to the Berkely Open Submission Program in January – “No decision has been made about your query at this time.” No news IS good news!
  • Sent a novel submission to Cemetery Dance Books.
  • Completed new novel and forwarded to 1st reader.


Radio/ Podcast/ Co-Host

  • As heard on NBC News Radio in Los Angeles/Riverside/San Bernardino/Palm Springs/Seattle/Tacoma/Salt Lake City/Phoenix and online podcasts.
  • House of Mystery Radio show on NBC in 2022 was the #3 most popular show in Los Angeles Market! It averaged a 2.4 market share (57,600 listeners per episode average) and had 2.9 million downloads/plays from our website!
  • Interviewed Dean Koontz.
  • Dean Koontz episode had a 4.4 market share with approximately 288,000 listeners.
  • Completed my first show acting as main host interviewing Reb MacRath.
  • Completed my second show acting as main host with co-host D.W. Gillespie interviewing Meg Hafdahl Science of Stephen King.
  • Completed my third show as main host interviewing Alex Gillis Taekwondo: A Killing Art.
  • Promoted to main co-host September 9, 2022.
  • Interviewed Simon Gervaise with Joe Goldberg co-hosting.
  • Constantly co-hosted weekly throughout 2022. Over 100 shows!
  • Assisted with edits, preproduction, and postproduction.

Movie Reviews

Youtube and other Video Platforms

  • Had a Kali knife video go semi-viral gaining over 9K views and 64 subscribers.
  • Decided to focus my Youtube channel on martial arts videos.
  • Achieved 100 subscriber and 300 subscriber milestones.
  • Featured on Izzo’s Wing Chun gaining me at least 70 subscribers.
  • 433 subscribers as of December.
  • Gained 400 new subscribers this year.
  • 80K total views, 33.5K watch-time minutes, and 1,268 total likes.
  • Made new friends in the martial arts Youtube communtiy.
  • Learned and began editing videos using iMovie.
  • Learned and began creating thumbnails using Canva.
  • Made Youtube Shorts.
  • Posted short videos to Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Uploaded over 48 shorts with over 36.2K views.
  • Top viewed shorts: Tae Kwon Do Sparring, 9 Sword Cuts.
  • Top viewed videos: Solo Knife Drills, Sword to Knife, Chain Punching From Yip Man to Bruce Lee to Taky Kimura.

Check out my Youtube channel here:

Martial Arts

  • Celebrated 35 years of formal martial arts training and teaching.
  • Joined The Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan Association.
  • The Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan Association accepted me as a 3rd degree black belt and issued a backdated certificate to my original promotion and signed by the President of the Association.
  • Made friends with members of the association.
  • Set up Mook Jong.
  • Home training 3x per week various arts.
  • Attended “Drowning in Kali 2022” at the Derderian Academy of Martial Arts.
  • Attended 2-day 14 hour weekend seminar Inosanto-Lacosta Blend/Presas Family (Modern) Arnis with teachers Guro Raffi Derderian and Guro Hock Hochheim at Chris Thompson – Just Train in North Kingston, RI.
  • Achieved First Level in Guro W. Hock Hocheim’s Essential Filipino Martial Arts System.

Achieved 1st Level in W. Hock Hocheim’s Pacific Archipelago (Combatives) Concepts.


  • I had a cracked tooth fixed and my 6 month cleanings.
  • I had my booster.
  • Colonoscopy (I’m officially old!).
  • Eye Doctor – everything stable.
  • Brought Diesel for his vet appointments.
  • Annual physical – everything normal. All numbers good. I just need to lose a little weight.


  • January after holiday (2021) get-together with the in-laws.
  • Celebrated 27 years of marriage & 30 Years together!
  • Helped my sister-in-law set up a Roku and Ooma Telo.
  • Ate breakfast with parents at the North End Diner. I helped my Dad take down his tent from campsite. Went with my mother to a jeweler to consider resizing original wedding ring.
  • Called my parents at least twice a week.
  • Decided to get new wedding ring. Also got a groove ring for martial arts training.
  • Chewy sent us a painting of Diesel and later sent him a Christmas gift.
  • We began training Diesel on a harness.
  • Attended local Independence Day Parade.
  • Attended Patty’s work dinner.
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas at home this year with sister-in-law.
  • Cat-sat for our neighbor.
  • Kept up with my friend and former English professor through email.
  • Continued a great friendship with Al Warren.


  • Both cars inspected.
  • General maintenance on both cars.

Travel & Fun

  • Quiet Riot, Slaughter, and Steve Pearcy (Ratt) at Mohegan Sun Arena. Summer Shack for dinner and drinks.
  • Went to see Scream (2022)at the theater and dinner at the 110 Grill.
  • NKOTB MixTape at Mohegan Sun Arena. Summer Shack for dinner and drinks.
  • Kevin James at the Hanover Theater in Worcester, MA. Dinner at Chashu Ramen & Izakaya.


  • Had old gas water heater disabled and blocked and a new electric water heater installed in the closet. The old water heater couldn’t be replaced and remain up to code so a new one had to be relocated. We got estimates from three companies.
  • Had outlet replaced.
  • Replaced smoke alarms.
  • Replaced thermostat that stopped working. I was able to do this myself!
  • Had upstairs fill-valve etc. replaced.
  • Had downstairs toilet replaced. The old one was from 1955!
  • The condo association provided us with a dumpster for spring cleaning.
  • Management company fixed damage on front stoop.
  • Management company fixed woodpecker damage on our Townhouse.
  • Installed coat rack in foyer.

Whisk(e)y, Spirits & Cocktails

  • Greenspot Irish Whisky.
  • Black Saddle 12 – smooth, sweet rum raisin, cinnamon, carmel.
  • Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Japanese Whisky.
  • Lagavulin 8 – cough sweets, rum raisin, plumb, peppery spice, smoke, dry finish, like a white wine. 
  • Meiomi Pinot Noir.
  • Kohi Martini – Casamigos Reposado, espresso, brew, coffee liquor, simple syrup.
  • Dublin Smash cocktail – Irish whiskey, mint, lemon, simple syrup.
  • Bourbon Cherry Bomb cocktail.

A/V & Tech

  • Free subscription to Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu with Ads from Verizon.
  • Free year of AMC+.
  • Got a subscription to Friendly TV to supplement antenna.
  • Patty Replaced ear pads on cinema headphones.

That’s all I can remember for now. See you in 2023!

Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan Association 3rd-degree black belt certificate.

Look what came in the mail! The Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan Association has accepted me as a 3rd degree black belt and issued this certificate backdated to my original promotion date. They are the original TKD MDK organization established by members of the MDK who unified into the KTA in 1965. Rank is an obligation, not a privilege. As such, I will endever to live up to the trust they have put in me and will represent them to my hightest ability.

The Horror Zine’s Book of Werewolf Stories

It’s here! Includes my story, “The Midnight Club!”

“It’s here and available for purchase now! Includes an introduction by Stephen Graham Jones, a foreword by WD Gagliani, and spine-chilling tales of lycanthropy from Ramsey Campbell, JG Faherty, Susie Moloney, Nancy Kilpatrick, and a myriad of other noteworthy authors.” Go here:

Year in Review: 2021

Each year I create a list of goals for every area of my life. Throughout the year I work my goals, track my progress, and commit to posting my top accomplishments. I hope to inspire others to do the same.



  • Invited to co-host for The House of Mystery Radio Show on NBC News Radio.
  • Set up a radio studio in our media room to facilitate co-hosting duties.
  • Co-hosted over 80 shows, provided banter, and assisted with editing and marketing.
  • This year we became the #6 show in the Los Angeles Market over the air with a 2.5 – 3.2 market share and 46,153 listeners per episode.
  • Podcast version had 1,923,359 downloads/plays from website/podcast platforms.
  • Listen to the show here

Movie Reviews

Short Story Writing

  • My story, “Expiation,” was a Semi-Finalist in the 3rd Quarter of The Writers of the Future Contest Vol. 38. Certificate on the way!
  • Sold a short story to a 2022 upcoming anthology. More info soon!
  • Submitted to 11 short story markets.
  • Wrote 1 new short story and sold it.
  • Edited a short story from an honorable mention into a semi-finalist.
  • Re-edited and polished all short stories before submission.
  • Received good feedback and made it into 3rd read pile for a well known small press magazine.

Novel Writing

  • Finished proof reading draft of The Tower 78,000 words.
  • Finished restructuring draft of Year of the Demon.
  • Finished proof reading draft of Year of the Demon 80,000 words.

Martial Arts

Certificate of Participation in the Moo Duk KWAN 75th Anniversary Virtual Celebration
  • Received certificate and challenge coin for attending last year’s MDK 75th anniversary.
  • Invited to and attended advanced Kali seminar at Derderian Academy of Martial Arts. We covered mostly levels 5 and 6 with the lift series double stick (baston), Panatukan (mano, mano – Filipino Boxing), espada y daga (stick/sword and knife), foot drags, disarms, arm drags. Lacosta 8 and 10. Trained with my friend Tony, a great instructor in his own right, who helped me with new material.
Master Tony D. and me training Filipino Boxing
  • I called my cousin Thorny and received verbal instruction in various martial arts.
My Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwan teacher Grandmaster Tony Gould performing a jump spinning kick back in the days of bare foot and knuckle tournaments
  • Grandmaster Tony Gould passed away this year. RIP.
  • I made some martial arts TKD/JKD/Kickboxing videos.
  • Continued solo training TKD foundation, JKD, Filipino boxing, Kali drills, and sword cuts. HIIT Bas Rutten Thai Boxing three 2 min rounds 3x per week.
  • Improved stretch and high kicking.
  • Began the process of joining a prestigious Tae Kwon Do association.

Family & Friends

  • Brought my mother to see Frankie Valli at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Great show!
  • Began friendship with Al Warren.
  • Patty got a new job in Information Security!
  • Kept up with my friend and former English professor through email.
  • Called my cousin Thorny.
  • Visited in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner at my niece’s house.
  • Called my parents at least twice a week.
  • Celebrated 26 years of marriage & 29 years together.
  • Brought Diesel to yearly physical along with distemper and rabies shots.


  • Physical and flu shot. My weight was up but otherwise healthy.
  • Moderna and booster.
  • Got new prescription glasses and sun glasses at Visionworks.
  • Dermatologist – had an ingrown hair removed. Biopsied just to be sure.
  • Dental Cleanings. Gold star.
  • Ophthalmology changed med. Stable.


  • Mazda – Oil changes, tire rotation, Mass Inspection.
  • Subaru – Oil changes, tire rotation, Mass Inspection, new alternator, new battery.


  • Replaced air cleaners.
  • Set up new larger desk, chair, and double monitors for Patty’s new job. Also brought down and repurposed a bookcase and put together a printer stand.
  • The Association had a company come in to clean dryer vents.
  • Victory performed plumbing work.
  • Replaced defective garbage disposal. I installed it myself.
  • Rearranged media room and set up desk to create radio and podcasting studio.
  • Placed humidifiers upstairs and downstairs.
  • Cleaned out garage and had Affordable Junk Removal haul away the crap.


  • Replaced and set up a new modem and router and connected all our devices.
  • Installed an air TV 2 as a replacement for the now defunct Locast.
  • Switched to Ooma for VOIP Phone. Phone bill went from $40 per month to $6.00.
  • Replaced dead subwoofer and paired to Vizio sound bar.
  • Cordcutting: Utilized multiple free trials and sales including Paramount +, Disney +, AMC +, Discovery +, Epix, Starz, Apple Music, and Sling.

Whisk(e)y, Spirits, & Cocktails

Summer Shack Knob Creek Old Fashioned Cocktail at Mohegan Sun. These were powerful!
  • Longhorn Old Fashioned
  • Maple Old Fashioned – Tavern on the Square
  • Outback Old Fashioned
  • Pumpkin Beer Nitro
  • Elijah Craig Small Batch – Tasting notes: buttercream and cinnamon.
  • Bully Boy Negroni cocktail in a bottle.
  • Knob Creek Bourbon – 9 Years old.
  • Knob Creek Maple Burbon
  • Jameson Watermelon cooler for Patty.
  • Rye Rickey for Patty

Travel & Fun

Patty and Dave waiting to be seated at Summer shack before the Monkees Farewell Tour.
  • The Monkees Farewell Tour at Mohegan Sun Arena. This was one of Michael Nesmith’s last shows before his unfortunate passing. Dinner at Summer Shack.
  • Went to see Rocky Vs. Drago at the Regal Cinema. Had fajitas and margaritas at Chili’s. Patty got steak and avocado. We sat at the bar to kill time and went to the paper store. The seats at Regal were uncomfortable. 

That’s all for now. See you in 2022!

Martino Movie Reviews

In conjunction with Alan R. Warren and The House of Mystery Radio Show, I have a new page for movie reviews. I’ll give you the skinny on the best and worst movies to stream. Now that theaters are opening back up, I’ll also cover theatrical releases whenever possible. I hope you’ll bookmark the page and come back again and again.

My first review

The House of Mystery Radio Show

If you haven’t heard, I’m co-hosting The House of Mystery Radio Show on NBC News Radio. Alan Warren, and a bevy of talented co-hosts, delve deeply into the creative process of our writerly guests. Listen live Monday – Friday 9 p.m. PST on KCAA 106.5 FM Los Angeles/ 102.3 FM Riverside/ 1050 AM Palm Springs or stream online at

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Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Allen R. Warren on the House of Mystery Radio Show airing on NBC News Radio. We talk about my book, Wolves of Vengeance, and all things writing. Listen live January 21, 2021 at 9 P.M. Pacific Time/12 A.M. Eastern on KCAA 106.5 F.M. LA/ 102.3 F.M. Riverside/1050 A.M. Palm Springs, 4 P.M. Mountain Time on 540 A.M. Salt Lake City or streaming online at the House of Mystery website below.