New Story Collection Available!

I’m very pleased to announce that my story “Phantom Chasers” is included in the FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE anthology. 
From Grinning Skull Press:
FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE has been published and is available in ebook format only at the moment from
The authors included in this anthology are:
Brent Abell
Gordon Anthony Bean
Rose Blackthorn
Tim J. Finn
Scott M. Goriscak
Marianne Halbert
Jeffrey Kosh
Lisamarie Lamb
Mark Leslie & Carol Weekes
Edward J. McFadden III
Adam Millard
David North-Martino
Jeffrey C. Pettengill
Nelson W. Pyles
Michael Thomas-Knight
Robert W. Walker
Cynthia Ward
Jay Wilburn
Jennifer Word
For some, death is not the end. There are those who are doomed to walk the earth for all eternity, those who are trapped between one plain of existence and the next, those who, for whatever reason, cannot or will not let go of the lives they left behind. These are the vengeful spirits, the tortured souls, the ghosts that haunt our realm. Welcome to FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, a collection of 19 original ghost stories.

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