2011 Goals Accomplished…Now onto 2012!

2011 Goals Accomplished…Now onto 2012!


Every year I create a list of goals for every area in my life. Throughout the year I work on these goals and track my progress. Then, to keep myself honest, I commit to posting a list of some of my top accomplishments and some of the smaller ones as well. What a great year! 2011 has been my best year for accomplishments since 2006!  I finally feel like I have some momentum.



Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts, (UMASS) Lowell with a BLA degree with concentrations in English and psychology.



Final Classes:

Introduction to the Internet—Grade: A

Statistics—Grade: B

Writing Career:


Sold “The Language of Ice” short story to the Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever Anthology: http://www.amazon.com/Extinct-Doesnt-Mean-Forever-ebook/dp/B004SUOWMU/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1



What this gave me besides a check and publishing credit:

Sold “Malfeasance” short story to Epitaphs: The Journal of the New England Horror Writers (an anthology). http://www.amazon.com/Epitaphs-Journal-England-Horror-Writers/dp/0982727593/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325263737&sr=8-1



What it gave me besides a check and a publishing credit:

  • Accepted into my first print anthology.
  • A physical book with my name on the back cover.
  • My story included with a group of fantastic New England Writers including an award winning best-selling author and an award winning internationally best-selling author.
  • A physical book to place on the bookcase I inherited from my grandmother.
  • The privilege and honor to represent the New England Horror Writers.
  • My 2nd anthology credit of the year.
  • My editor (Tracy Carbone) gave me advice that has changed the way I write my stories
  • I gave my first reading at Anthocon in Portsmouth, NH.
  • I participated in my first signing at Anthocon in Portsmouth, NH.



I reconnected with writing friends and made a ton of new writing friends.

I also sent out short stories to 9 markets this year.

Wrote 4 short stories this year and am halfway though another one.


Attended NECON.

Attended AnthoCon.



Wolves of Vengeance:

Completed edit using notes and suggestions from author extraordinaire Ray Garton.

Decided to remove 40k words to tighten story and go back to basics. Completed what will hopefully be the last major overhaul draft.

 Continued using Scrivener to write and structure novels.

Wrote synopsis for two more novels.


Used Duotrope.com to research short story markets and keep up with the needs of publishers.

Donated to Duotrope.com

Paid Horror Writer’s Association (HWA) dues.

Martial Arts

Celebrated 24 years of martial arts training.

Taught private lessons in Tang Soo Do.

Learned Naihanchi Cho Dan and Ye Dan forms (Master Phil Critiqued forms).

I earned my Ee Dan black belt rank grade in Tang Soo Do from Grandmaster Rhee (9thDan).


I had a student use the self-defense techniques I taught her to defend herself against a knife wielding potential serial killer and survive with only superficial wounds. Her victory is also mine. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Trained at Gould’s TKD (Tae Kwon Do/ Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan).

Trained with Master Phil in Jung Ki Kwan Hapkido.

Attended a tactical firearms training given by a State Trooper.

PNM Books: 

Sold GPS to upgrade.

Sold iPad.


Held family financial meetings.

Continued leveraging taxes to tax preparer.



Completed all regular maintenance and replaced headlamps in both vehicles.


My Grandnephew Caolan Thomas was born!



Supported my Dad by attending the Vet’s BBQ.

Visited Parents at Foxwoods.

Bought Patty flowers for Valentines Day.

Contacted my parents by phone each week.

Out to dinner with In-Laws to Outback.

Supported my wife with her diet.

Attended Sarah’s (niece) welcome home party from Kosovo.

John (nephew) returned from Afghanistan!

Called Mom for mother’s day.

Celebrated 16 years of marriage and 19 years together.


Attend Father’s Day BBQ at in laws.

Had breakfast at Foxwoods for Mother’s birthday.

Met my Grandnephew.

Had my niece and nephew up and had pizza with them.

Put Grandmother’s picture up on bookcase that I inherited.

Visited Mom, Dad, Uncle Freddy, and visited Danielle’s new apartment.

Had Thanksgiving at In-Laws.

Christmas at the In-Laws.


Lost approximately 12 lbs of fat (regained about 5 lbs because of injury and holidays).

Joined Planet Fitness  and used treadmill and/or elliptical at least 2x per week.

Began a running/elliptical program.

Dental Cleanings—no cavities.

Tried another medication but decided to go back on Protonix for now.

 Had a great physical: all systems normal.

Eye appointment: eyes have stayed the same.

Went to physical therapy to fix my shoulder and was discharged to independent training.


Met up with Jason S. at Vet’s Bike and BBQ.

Trained in TKD and Hapkido with my friend Master Phil.  

Used social media to keep up with friends.


Outfitted the patio with a table and a grill.

Had the HVAC fan fixed.

Changed rugs in upstairs bathroom.

Changed toilet seats in upstairs and downstairs bathroom.

Cleaned out kitchen cabinets.

Cleaned scuffs off walls.

Fixed flag holder and put up flag.

Had HVAC heating coil fixed.

Continued cleaning garage and study.

Got a quote for a new water heater and furnace.

Had front storm door handle fixed.

Had new water heater, furnace, and thermostat installed. 


United Way Keel Club of Leadership.

Soldiers’ Angels.

Received Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn plaque for soldier support.

Food to local food pantry.

Donated clothing to charity.



Seminar in Burlington, MA. Stayed in a Hyatt Suite.

Foxwoods, CT

Mohegan Sun, CT

AnthoCon in Portsmouth, NH


Joined Red Sox Nation.

Attended Earth, Wind & Fire concert at Mohegan sun.

Watched the Bruins win the Stanley Cup on the big screen!

Attended Motley Crue with Poison and New York Dolls at Mohegan.

Autumnfest 2011—Woonsocket


Joined Dropbox.com

Joined Twitter

Joined Flicker

Got an evernote account


Continued using the Anthony Robbins Rapid Planning Method (RPM). I’ve been using this planning system since 2001.


That’s all for 2011…now onto 2012!

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8 thoughts on “2011 Goals Accomplished…Now onto 2012!

  1. Isadore

    RPM, huh? I’ve experimented with GTD, all of Mark Forsters’ systems, Covey’s 7 Habits, and yes, RPM. I found RPM to be the most meaning-making of the bunch, but tough to do on a daily basis. How do you keep yourself juiced, day after day, doing your RPM plan? That’s what I’d love to know. Also are you using paper or digits tools to implement RPM. Thanks.

  2. David North-Martino Post author

    I’ve been using the RPM system since probably 2001 so I’ve automated many of the steps. I have all my goals funneled from my yearly goals down through my monthly, weekly, and daily goals. When I first set up the system it would take me over four hours to plan my week and at least an hour to plan my day. But as time went on I was able to plan more quickly.

    I’ve experimented with many ways of implementing the system. I’ve used the RPM paper planner but it’s too cumbersome, and the RPM software was never very good.

    Right now, I have all my goals listed out yearly and monthly in MS Word for Mac (I’m using the notebook view). All goals are listed by category. Then, each week, I transfer what I’m going to do that week to my Master Task list in an app called Opus Domini (I just started using this app this year and I use the one for the Mac the most and have a version for the iPhone as well). This app is set up like a Franklin Covey Planner. I started with that system so I was already familiar with it anyway.

    I had been using an RPM weekly and daily template that someone had made in MS word and had provided to members of the AR forum. I found that hard to use on a daily basis. This means that I’m really only chucking my monthly goals, for the rest I have to chunk in my head. But I’ve been doing it long enough that it comes kind of natural to me.

    At the beginning of the day I know what categories I want to work on for that day. Sometimes I chunk my day along with my goals. I might know that, for instance, I want to work on writing, martial arts, errands/chores, and family goals that day. I’ll block time during the day to do those categories. I might also make a priority list that will include one goal from each of those five categories. I’ll assign them a priority and just work on the “A” list until it’s completed. I might also have a “B” and “C” list all chunked this way.

    As for being juiced, I just love the planning process. I’ve associated good feeling to planning, and that usually compels me to do the process. But remember, RPM is a thinking process where, as you know, you ask yourself: what (results) do I want, why do I want it (what’s my purpose), how am I going to get it (what massive actions am I going to take to get what I want). The thinking process doesn’t require a tool, but it would be much easier to use the system if AR would create an app.

    I cross out everything I’ve completed at the end of the month and transfer it to a accomplishment file. Seeing everything I’ve completed that month keeps me going and makes me want to continue.

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about GTD, but never used it. I had never heard of Mark Forster, took a quick look and his stuff sounds interesting.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. : )

  3. Isadore

    David – what I find impressive about your response (besides the time you took to answer my question) is your constancy using RPM. There was a time when I used the 7 Habits system for close to a year. Since then, I rarely make it past a few weeks. So I find your answer inspiring. BTW – Robbins alludes to a new software here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78pwjZ7lzBI

    Do you know anyone else doing RPM? It’s a pity Tony removed the forums, because a virtual community would help with motivation and accountability.

    1. David North-Martino Post author

      Isadore-I’m just long winded! Hahaha! Thanks for the kind words and for the link. I heard Robbins might even be working on a new planning system. It will be interesting to see what happens. I can’t think of anyone else I know in real life who is using the system. The virtual community used to be frequented by people who used the system regularly. People like Dr. Lisa Thompson, Paul from Pittsburg, and a guy who went by the name Black Belt. I went by the name: The Yahoo Kid. I think the site may have been hacked. Hopefully they’ll get it back up and running again. It’s was a good resource, and a great motivator.

  4. Isadore

    ” I heard Robbins might even be working on a new planning system.”

    Really? Odd, because the video clip (where he discusses RPM) was a recent event. Where did you hear this?

    1. David North-Martino Post author

      I can’t remember where I heard it. I might have misheard. Might only be new software he was working on. I figured RPM could be a little complicated for developers, and he wanted to streamline the program to make it easier to create an app. If I happen upon where I got the information or hear of anything else I’ll post it. : )

      1. Isadore

        I have a couple of specific questions I’d love to throw your way. What’s the best place to do that? Here or email?

      2. David North-Martino Post author

        Hi Isadore.

        Feel free to contact me at dnorthmartino (at) comcast.net

        I pulled the email apart to keep spam bots from collecting it. Just put the @ symbol in place of (at). Thanks. : )

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